Make your sexy time sexier with “the first graphic condoms in the world”


If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your sex life without actually doing anything but spend money, then never fear, the French are here.

A French company with the very appropriate name “Made in Love,” has just launched a campaign on the French version of Kickstarter, Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, looking to raise €15,000 (a little more than $16,000) to produce what they say are “the first graphic condoms in the world.”

What does that mean exactly? Well sorting through the copy that looks like it went through Google translate a few too many times (“Helping us to valorize condoms also means helping in valorizing Love”), we see that the schtick is making condoms with lots of fancy designs on them. Artists made the designs, which are imprinted on the condoms with tattoo ink (a practice the company claims is totally safe).


The condoms are available to buy right now, but be warned they ain’t cheap: a pack of two costs €12,00 (about $13). So either these are for special occasions only, or they are going to be the hip new status symbol of the über wealthy.


We must say, the company makes some pretty solid arguments for why you should contribute to ”entering an extraordinary adventure in the condom world” and give it money. For instance:

What if this crazy idea is made possible thanks to you? Imagine yourself few years from now, browsing through a magazine and coming upon an amazing article: “The frenchy condoms are stealing the thunder of english condoms”! Imagine the funny feeling to have participate to that trend. That is why we are calling out for your generosity to collaborate in the emancipation of tomorrow’s condom.

In other words, if you contribute to their campaign, you’re basically Abraham Lincoln.

We can’t imagine you need much more convincing than that, but if so, then check out their snazzy video.

Oh my.