The mean streets of the Upper East Side are now safe (for high heels)


Today, the MTA made a huge difference in the lives of millions of New Yorkers.

No, the Second Avenue subway isn’t finished yet and your C train will probably still be delayed, but the agency finally acknowledged that the holes in the sidewalk grates are a major problem for everyone who wears heels and has had the unfortunate experience of getting them trapped in the grates.

As part of an announcement about completing construction on a subterranean ventilation facility at 55th Street as part of the East Side Access project, the agency included this note:

In order to be easier to navigate for those wearing high-heeled shoes, the sidewalk “high-heel friendly” grates are made with slip-resistant surfaces and the openings between the cross-bars are only ½ inch wide.


According to Gothamist, these special grates have been installed for a long time in — where else? — the Upper East Side, due to the second avenue subway construction at 63rd and 96th street. Also because Upper East Siders would not tolerate getting their shoes stuck anywhere but the Condé Nast escalator.

Serious Louboutin drama in the Conde Nast lobby…

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