Art Basel, Paris in Rome and UNICEF: A look at the best party photos of the week

1) Parties, parties and more parties (and even more!) happened in Art Basel last week. And now, back in New York, everyone is happy that it’s time for holiday parties.

2) Of course, if you’re Valentino, you ignore the whole Art festival thing, and just have a party to celebrate how fabulous you are. (And then you have another one in Lincoln Center next week)

3) Gwyneth Paltrow had a party celebrating her new Goop pop-up shop. Too bad that didn’t go so well for her.

4) Any fashion person who wasn’t in Miami last week headed down to the West Village for Acne Studio’s soirée.

5) Only Chanel can have a party about Paris in Rome. And only they could make it work.

6) The real heroes at L’Oréal Paris’s 10th annual Women of Worth awards was everyone who attended the party at the Pierre despite the rain.

7) The lead-up to the Oscars has officially began, with the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

8) Where else would UNICEF have a benefit party than the Museum of American Finance?