Billionaire scores approval for new behemoth home in London

John Caudwell, the billionaire founder of mobile-phone retailer Phones4U, is about to start living even larger in London — about 15 times larger than the average Brit to be exact.

Caudwell just scored a controversial approval to build a 14,300-square-foot mansion in London’s Mayfair neighborhood, according to Bloomberg. Critics have complained that the massive home is out of character with the neighborhood, since it’s more than 15 times the size of the average new U.K. home (just under 1,000 square feet).

But to be fair the vast majority of Caudwell’s new spread won’t even be visible to the aesthetically sensitive public, as more than half it will be underground. The home will include a swimming pool, gym, business center and cinema.

Caudwell already owns a historic mansion in Mayfair, which once belonged to Prince Jefri Bolkiah — the playboy brother of the Sultan of Brunei.

Caudwell — known as the “U.K.’s biggest tax payer” for (shock!)  actually paying his taxes —  sold his company, Phones4U, for 1.46 billion pounds in 2006 (roughly $2.2 billion).