RoboVault will store your extra Bugattis and Picassos

You know how you rent a storage space when you can’t fit all your precious belongings in your “cozy” New York City studio? Off-season clothing and other non-essentials that don’t fit under your bed tend to get packed up and shipped off to a warehouse facility in the bowels of Queens.

Well the rich have similar problems, but on a far grander scale. What’s a one percenter to do with their all extra Picassos or Bugattis lying around? Meet RoboVault — a sort of Manhattan Mini Storage on steroids in Fort Lauderdale, which will keep your most precious items under lock and key in the most fabulous way possible.

The New York Post reports this “beastly” fortress will keep the non-elite’s paws off your stuff in grand fashion. Not only is the facility weather-proofed, but it features an 18-inch vault door, fingerprint scanners and unique passcodes, bulletproof glass, armed guards, and even a temperature-controlled wine vault.

“I often get asked what’s the most unusual [item] that I have ever seen here and that was pallets of Mongolian dinosaur bones,” Susan McGregor, RoboVault’s president and general manager, told Barcroft TV.

Prices start at a mere $525. When one considers that art, jewelry and booze pieces these days can run into the millions, that seems almost frugal.

“We also have clients that are not superwealthy, but who just want to have their collections or their items in the safest place possible,” McGregor adds.