Serenity now: Intrepid reporter tests Savoir’s $175,000 “Royal State” bed

If you think reading about rich folks’ latest esoteric luxuries is a snoozefest, Dujour’s recent review of Savoir’s $175,000 custom-made bed will be ideal (and very meta) reading material.

One intrepid reporter laid down on the job for a quick 17-minute nap to see if the “Royal State” bed is dream worthy, while it was being shown in Savoir’s New York City showroom. While many one percenters probably prefer to stuff their cold hard cash inside a mattress instead of spending it on one, it would appear that this bespoke piece is less of a mattress and more of a unique sleeping experience.

Dujour’s Tabitha Taft explained, “The mattress was plush and soft—but not puffed up or flossy feeling—yet completely supportive. The silk sheets (which are included in the purchase price, as are the pillows, headboard, canopy and bed frame itself) were cool, substantial and, yes, silky.”

Overall Taft says after her catnap on the mattress she felt like a changed person. Even after she returned to work, she “retained that inner serenity” and said, “I truly believe I’d be able to run a corporation or a country if I could spend a whole night on it.”

First created for the luxe Savoy Hotel in London in 1905, Savoir beds continue to be built to the affluent’s specifications. According to Alistair Hughes, the firm’s managing director, only 60 of the “Royal State” beds are being made — the craftmanship of a single artisan in London or Wales who will sign and number each. The beds are comprised of extraordinary features such as a headboard bearing a hand-stitched crest or motif; sheets and covers made with 1,630 miles worth of custom-dyed and woven silk thread; toppers filled with a blend of Mongolian cashmere and hair from the tails of blond Argentinian horses.

The entire bed takes more than three weeks to manufacture and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

“The Royal State” can be viewed by appointment at the Savoir showroom in London, but act quickly; one has already been sold to a lucky person in China.