Affluent New Yorkers now pay big bucks to spy on their children’s caretakers


We’ve all heard of simple nanny-cams, but rich New Yorkers suspicious of their children’s caregivers are taking nanny recon to a whole new level these days and paying big bucks to do so, reports the New York Post.

Vincent Guastamacchia
Vincent Guastamacchia

Perimeter Agency, a Manhattan investigation firm started by former NYPD veteran Vincent Guastamacchia, will sic a team of up to three investigators on the case if one suspects their nanny of being less than professional. But it’ll come at a price: while a basic background check costs just $299, the full monte — a three 10-hour days of tailing, can cost as much as $8,000.

With Guastarmacchia and his partner in anti-crime, Dennis McCreight reporting that there has been a 35 percent increase in nanny recon requests, it’s no wonder others are getting into spy biz.

These days nanny-shaming social media sites like — which outs caregivers for a range of infractions, from napping in the park to repeatedly slapping a child — aren’t enough.

A nanny cam hidden in a stuffed bear
A nanny cam hidden in a stuffed bear

Limor Weinstein, charges a whopping $350 an hour to surveil unsuspecting nannies, including stalking a single nanny for as long as six weeks. She attributes her success to her military training in Israel and explains, ““I have a developed intuition.”

Clearly these prices aren’t deterring suspicious parents — she reports she has as many as 10 clients in a given week.

“You are trusting the most precious person in the world to a stranger, so I think you do whatever it takes to keep them safe — no matter what the cost,” says one Upper East Side mom of a 21-month-old who hired Perimeter to run background checks on potential hires. Turns out it was money well spent; the nanny’s “impeccable” references were indeed fake.

Other infractions investigators report to the Post include: fraud and grand larceny — and, most worrisome of all, charges of sexual misconduct.