Gstaad, diamonds and Haim: A look at the best party photos of the week


1) From Miami to the Swiss Alps, all the glitterati partied in style in Gstaad over the weekend.

2) The New York Botanical Gardens had its annual gala, attracting a whole slew of people who have never stepped foot into the Bronx for any other reason.

3) ACRIA had its annual Holiday Dinner to raise money for HIV and AIDS research.

4) Moskowitz had a pop up art reception; sadly, that does not mean there was pop up art.

5) Rihanna shone bright like a diamond at her second annual Diamond Ball in Los Angeles.

6) The Children of Armenia Fund had its twelfth annual gala for children who must be a bit older by now.

7) The most exciting part of these photos of the Line’s launch party in Los Angeles is that you can see what the Haim sisters actually look like.

8) Saks has a new fashion director and that’s reason enough for a party party.