New York knows good (and extremely decadent) hot chocolate


When the cold weather rolls around – so do decadent drinks. Mulled wine, egg nog, pumpkin spiced lattes and, of course, hot chocolate.

Last week, Bloomberg put together a list that dreams are made of: “The Strangest and Booziest Hot Chocolates in America.” Naturally, New York had some delicious additions.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 3.50.59 PM
City Bakery hot chocolate

It’s entirely possible that everyone in New York already knows about City Bakery and their hot liquid heaven (they sell 1,000 cups of the stuff every day, after all). But in February, they play host to their own hot chocolate festival with founder Maury Rubin providing daily twists on his original recipe. This year saw a line-up including Lemon Hot Chocolate, Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate and the curiously named “Love Potion” Hot Chocolate.

By Chloe
By Chloe

If you’re in need of something a little healthier head to By Chloe for their vegan hot chocolate. While pairing the words vegan, hot and chocolate may not inspire a great deal of confidence, this spin on the classic sounds ridiculously good. Instead of cream, By Chloe uses almond butter, along with dairy-free chocolate chips and rice milk. The drink is topped with a frothy coconut garnish.


Last but not least, if you share the opinion that the best kind of hot chocolate is one chock full of booze, then you should head over to the Chatwal hotel in Midtown. Their Naughty and Nice Hot Chocolate Cocktail is a glorious mix of pumpkin beer, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, spiced simple syrup, pumpkin liqueur, and melted caramel.