Inside the super luxury jet that’s reinventing high-end holidays


Luxury travel just became more luxurious than ever thanks to a partnership between the Four Seasons and TCS World Travel – a private jet tour company.


DuJour report that this dynamic business duo offer trips that include accommodations at Four Seasons properties around the globe, while flights for the getaways are on TCS’s newly launched Boeing 757. The plane, which started life as a commercial aircraft, has since been converted into a 52-seat luxury flying machine where each passenger is treated to six-and-a-half feet of space, a lay-flat bed, custom mood lighting, Wi-Fi, Bose headphones, iPads and Bulgari amenity kits. Still, it’s no work of art. 


“A van takes you to a private part of the airport, where you whisk through border control and onto the tarmac, where your plane’s crew — the 15 friendliest people in the history of Great Britain — stand smiling at the foot of the stairs,” reports David Brooks, who tried the service for the New York Times Style Magazine. “There’s champagne and superb snacks and a very cool on-flight chef.”


Think about that next time you’re flying economy — or worse still in “last class.” 

Each trip lasts around 24 days, and prices start at $117,000 per person.