Oprah, queen of America, buys herself a new palace in Telluride for $14 million

If any other billionaire bought themselves a house with a 56-foot long wine cellar, we would roll our eyes. But seeing as this particular billionaire is none other than Oprah Winfrey, America’s queen, we can only wish her all the mazel in the world!

Winfrey just closed on this (slightly) absurd home in Mountain Village in Telluride for $13.75 million, after buying 60 acres of property nearby last year for $10.95 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. Apparently, she plans to live in it while her real dream house is being built on the land. Though the house is unlisted, with a little poking around we spotted that it was this house that Curbed featured last year.

The home was also featured in an episode of Epic TV’s “High Tech Homes.”

As Curbed put it, the five-bedroom home is ahem “completely bonkers” and features a glass-and-steel bridge, a 45-foot long bridge that leads to a “tree top observation deck,” and a personal funicular to go to the ski slopes.

Not to mention that wine cellar, which the seller told the Journal is designed to “look as much like a mining tunnel as possible.” Now that’s definitely going on our list of favorite things.