For $100 million, you can now own three islands off the coast of Panama

No man is an island, but if you’re a very lucky man, you might just able to buy three islands for yourself.

The Cayonetas Islands off the coast of Panama are on sale for the first time in 35 years, Forbes reports. The price? A sensible $100 million. That’s the same price as the penthouse in One57, and just think, for this price you are essentially buying three Manhattans. The islands have a total of 19 miles of coastline, 50 beaches (with nesting sea turtles!) and are only a 30 minute helicopter ride away from Panama City.

Of course, there’s a catch (isn’t there always?); 70% of the islands need to remain a nature preserve, and the rest of it needs to be reserved for ecotourism, meaning that any development must be built to be eco-friendly and the money rich people spend on staying there will go toward environmental research. Sometimes, even rich people can be nice.

The man who currently owns the islands is the German real estate and art tycoon Claus Mittermayer, best known as the guy who sold New York’s Robin’s Island (after many, many years) for $11 million to hedge-funder Louis Bacon. The island is still being used as a bird reserve, where the birds are surely plotting our demise.