The super-rich are spending 6-figures to decorate their second homes for the holidays, and that’s just the beginning


Across the globe, the super-rich are splashing out this holiday season on luxury items that flirt with the boundaries of good taste.

For example, one cosmopolitan couple spent almost $400,000 to decorate their historic townhouse in London’s Covent Garden for Christmas, despite only intending to spend 36 hours in that home over the holiday period. the Daily Mail reports.  

World's Most Glamorous Christmas Tree Star
World’s Most Glamorous Christmas Tree Star

They’d likely be the perfect buyer for the “World’s Most Glamorous Christmas Tree Star,” which a is a handmade ornament embedded with more than 280 diamonds and costing $900,000. The pricey decoration also features a $300,000 hero diamond that can be removed and worn, which we suppose makes it marginally more practical.

Rudolph The Ruby-Nosed Reindeer Tarts
Rudolph The Ruby-Nosed Reindeer Tarts

Then there’s the “Rudolph The Ruby-Nosed Reindeer Tarts” which cost more than $700 each, and include a very edible looking ruby.

And, of course, if you’re spending that kind of money on decorations, $5 gift wrap just won’t cut it. Luckily one company offers Swarovski crystal covered gift boxes and wrap.