Robert De Niro’s Nobu Hotel Manila is voted worst luxury hotel

Robert De Niro and Nobu Hotel Manila
Robert De Niro and Nobu Hotel Manila

Robert De Niro has another flop on his hands, but this one isn’t at the box office. His recent hotel project, Nobu Hotel Manila, which he set up with chef Matsuhisa Nobu, has just been voted worst luxury hotel of the year by Luxury Travel Intelligence, a members-only, high-end-travel rating company.

The company’s co-founder, Michael Crompton, tells Fortune, “Nobu Hotel Manila was a great disappointment,” and explained members have provided much negative feedback about the property.

Though the hotel is beautiful, the quality of the service is lacking, and many customers have made complaints  about the “goodfellas” who are running the place. The hotel’s rates start at $164 and go up to $400 for a Nobu suite with city views. Service with a sneer won’t cut it for the affluent traveler.

As one jet setting guest explains of the five-star property, “It is fine for leisure travelers who are fans of casinos. However, it is not at all appropriate for business-minded travelers or high-ranking VIPs who have much better options when in Manila.”