You can now buy a Van Gogh for $3,500 (sort of)

Vincent Van Gogh’s “Iris” printed by Verus Art.

While you may drool over Van Goghs and Picassos in the museum or at the auction house, actually owning one of them is something only the richest of the rich, rich, rich are able to do.

But now, thanks to the wonders of 3-D printing, that all may change. Verus Art is a start up 3-D printing company that had developed an incredible process for printing recreations of works-of-art. These aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill copies though; they involve scanning the pieces and then producing hundreds of different layers of paint. The end product is a work that looks extremely similar to the original.

Van Gogh's "Bowl of Zinnias and Other Flowers" as done by Verus Art.
Van Gogh’s “Bowl of Zinnias and Other Flowers” printed by Verus Art.

The first painting to undergo this process will be Van Gogh’s “Iris,” followed by Monet’s “La Mer Agitée.” These works will be displayed in museums (the company has a collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada), with the intention that visitors will actually be able to touch and interact with the art.

Monet's "La Mer Agitée" as done by Verus Art.
Monet’s “La Mer Agitée” printed by Verus Art.

And the best part of all of this? According to Architectural Digest, the paintings will only cost between $1,000 to $8,000 and the Van Gogh is currently listed on the site for a mere $3,495. Now that’s a win for technology.