Batman needs to move into this Gotham-esque building


UPDATED: 4:38 pm, 12/21

How do you make (yet another) luxury condominium in Chelsea stand out?

You give it a rendering that looks straight out a Batman comic book. As you can see from the image above, this is what the developers, JDS and Largo Investments chose to do when promoting their newest project, the Fitzroy (the Batman and bat signal were our additions). Amenities include a bat cave, parking for your Batmobile and — if you buy the penthouse — Alfred the butler.

After we spotted the menacing photograph, we realized that the image file was actually named “Nighttime Hero,” prompting a slew of other questions like, who is this nighttime hero? Does he come with the building? Do you have to tip him at Christmas?

We reached out to JDS and Largo Investments, who told us that apparently a “hero” is a technical term for an architectural rendering of the entire building. Who knew?!

The building is actually pretty beautiful (when you take the angry clouds away), and it has some unusual features like a green terra cotta face and copper windows. We appreciate the attention to detail the developers paid to its Art Deco design, and the apartments have a lot of the pre-war charm that is so lacking in much new construction.



Right now, there are three apartments listed in the building, including a four-bedroom selling for $15,875,000.


Sometimes, we get the apartment building we deserve, even if it’s not the one that we needed.

  • Charles Dale

    What? No, apartments here to rent for $700-$900 a month, gas and electric included with 2 year leases for the median income New York City residents?