How much should you give your elevator man? A guide for Christmas tipping

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Ralph Fiennes in “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (credit: Fox Searchlight)

While we’re sure your homemade pie is delicious, please do not give it to the doorman as a substitute tip.

That and other important findings are included in this very useful infographic from Address Report, which provides a guide for tipping the correct amounts for everyone in your life from the doorman to your garage attendant. We recommend you follow it closely if you don’t want to find a giant scratch in your brand new Mercedes.


As you can see, the report has some pretty funny findings.  In a comparison between how people tipped in 1912 and 2012, for instance, it comes out that some people are still leaving an average tip of $22.92 for the milkman. Do they really still receive milk from such a person? Or is this phantom tipping?

Also, it is apparently much more profitable to be a super uptown where the average tip is $114.59, than a super downtown where it is only $68.75. Downtown hipsters are cheap with the help, man.

Of course, no one is as lucky as this super in 220 Central Park South. That guy should be tipping us!