Party like you’re a rich kid of Instagram in Gstaad

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What happens when a bunch of rich brats (or, ahem, “heirs”) come together for a boozy, raucous, wild weekend in Switzerland? Pretty much exactly what you expect. Writer Maureen O’Connor from New York magazine recently attended the sixth annual winter wonderland party of the “international members-only club” A Small World in Gstaad, Switzerland, during which the richest children in the world party together for no apparent reason other than to celebrate how rich they are and take Instagrams. Lots and lots (and lots) of Instagrams.

Staying in the Gstaad Palace hotel, the guests attend party after party after after-party, and sometimes reluctantly go sledding on golden sleds made by Jimmy Choo. They charge diamonds from the hotel store to their rooms the same way you would a bottle of Advil and spend $86 ordering disgusting chicken nuggets from room service.


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Even the un-glamorous become glamorous here, as O’Connor found out when she receives compliments on her skirt which she bought from “um, Urban Outfitters.” Weird? Definitely. But O’Connor pegs it to the fact that these people survive in a universe where there is no such thing as cheap discount clothing. “This weekend, everyone wants and expects to meet glamorous rich people — which makes everyone else seem more glamorous and even richer than they ever have before.” Amen to that.