This pedicure in Hong Kong may be the most expensive 75 minutes of your life


What’s in a pedicure? Apparently at the spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, a whole lot.

Forbes just visited the spa, the only location of “famed French podiatrist” Bastien Gonzalez’s PEDI:MANI:CURE Studio (we had no idea it was possible to be a “famed” podiatrist), and a pedicure there does sound a tad more elaborate than one at your corner nail salon.


For one thing, they use a drill tipped in diamond dust to buff out your nails and then polish them using chamois leather and a pearl buffing cream. At this point, your feet are wearing more jewelry than your neck; indeed the writer, Maridel Reyes admitted, “They looked so good, I didn’t want to put nail polish on—ever.”


The salon then treats you what sounds like a dream foot massage, and finally leaves you sleepy and happy. Of course, all this lusciousness comes at an incredible price. According to the studio menu, the treatment Reyes received lasts 75 minutes and costs 1,800 Hong Kong dollars — roughly $2,325.

That’s more expensive than most of the stilettos at Christian Louboutin; our suggestion is that anyone who gets this treatment should elect to go barefoot all the time.