Cruise into the Amazonian Rain Forest in grand style aboard the new “Amazon Discovery”

Amazon Discover

Far be it for one percenters to be seen vacationing on a mega-cruiseliner with mere commoners. For something more luxe and esoteric, a new 22-suite luxury ship, “Amazon Discovery” has just hit the seas.


The three-deck vessel is a perfect way to see the untouched nature of the Amazon. Architectural Digest reports it has been crafted from sustainably harvested tropical woods and is kitted out with Peruvian tiles, textiles, and artwork bought from local villages. Each suite comes complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and telescopes so those aboard can spot jungle creatures such as macaws, spider and capuchin monkeys, caimans, pink river dolphins, and manatees. Environmental experts are even on-board to school tony guests on the flora and fauna of the jungle habitat. In addition, each day, skiffs are set out into the rain forest to allow travelers to explore a hidden lagoon or to meet indigenous people like the Bora tribe.


Exploring the rain forest can be hard work; lest one worry they will be truly roughing it, inside lies all the pampering one could ever want. The vessel houses a Rainforest spa, which uses natural ingredients found in the area such as Yucamani stones, avocado, coffee and cacao for deluxe scrubs, wraps and massages. Unlike the renegade explorers of yore (Teddy Roosevelt almost ate a cyanide pill during his Amazonian expedition), guests can unwind in the ship’s plunge pool, do yoga or kick back with a few pisco sours.


Cabins are about the size of your NYC apartment, ranging from 237 square feet to the 597-square-foot Amazonia Suites which come with butler service.

The six-night, roundtrip sail orginates from from Iquitos, Peru and is priced from $3,899/per person, double occupancy.