Take a look inside Michael Jackson’s wacky $100 million Neverland Ranch


Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch was a peculiar home for a peculiar man. The world-famous pop star who never grew up turned this gigantic property into a Peter Pan amusement park, complete with rides and a petting zoo.

Now, the California mega-home (which has been renamed “Sycamore Valley Ranch”) is on sale for $100 million and while only a select few special (or rich) people have been able to see inside it, the Today show gave us the next best thing with this video tour.

Sadly, all the amusement park rides are gone from the property and so are most of the animals Jackson had (though Ricky the llama is still proudly there).

But there is still plenty of features that only Michael Jackson would have picked. The home is 12,000 square feet on 2,700 acres and features oddities like a floral clock (yes, that is a clock made out of flowers), a movie theater with seating for 50 people, a train station and spectacular views of the countryside from Mount Catherine (Jackson named it after his mother).

According to the listing, the apartment also has its own maintenance shop in case anything ever breaks. It’s certainly an unusual place, and we expect that only a super rich, super fan would ever be interested in purchasing it.