Our top 10 predictions for what rich people will do in 2016

This year, the one percent did not let us down in terms of purchasing decadent (and absurd) items that no one will ever need. While we have absolutely no way to predict the future (though going to a celebrity psychic can help), we do like to speculate on what they will do next.

And so we present you with a few of our predictions for all the things rich people may do in 2016. Sure, a few of them are totally outlandish, but if they really do happen, we want it on the record that we guessed it first.

1) They will build a skyscraper on Billionaire’s Row — for one family. We all know billionaires hate sharing and if a single-family skyscraper can happen in India, it can happen here.

2) They will open a restaurant that only serves food with gold on it. And since nobody tips anymore, maybe the new way to show appreciation for good service will be leaving any leftover gold to the waiter.


3) They will eat an entire giant truffle in one sitting. This is only a matter of time….

White-Truffle-Product-Pic 4) They will order season tickets to Hamilton. Why see the hottest musical of the past ten years only once?  

5) They will build an underwater village with a Chanel boutique. We’re also going to guess it’s in Dubai.


6) They will install one-way glass in first class cabins: So they can laugh at all the poor suckers suffering in coach. Now that’s entertainment.

7) They will stay in luxury space hotels. They already have the whiskey glass!


8) They will kill a panda to make a carpet. Doesn’t that fur look like it would be nice between your toes?


9) They will have a refugee-themed party and everyone will get upset. It’s not a good party without a little controversy, no?


10) They will learn how to fly. We shall all remember the day that a rich man will get his wings.