Don’t mourn your dead dog, clone him

Losing a beloved dog can be heartbreaking, but thankfully Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul, South Korea has found the answer (at least for rich people): cloning.

That’s right, for the oh-so-modest price of $100,000, you can clone Fido as many times as you like and keep him (or some version of him) forever and ever. It may sound totally outrageous, but apparently the company has done this more than 700 times since opening in 2005, and the dogs have gone on to live normalish lives.

“We have gone down this route out of love,” one woman who cloned her beloved dog Dylan twice told Refinery 29. “Our love for dogs, my love for Dylan, and Richard’s love for me.” #worthit.

Her expenses didn’t stop with the cloning process; the dogs are not allowed to leave South Korea for seven months after they’re born, so she is also making regular visits to the country from Yorkshire, England.

Interested? The website for the Soaam Foundation offers these (somewhat blunt) directions for how to handle the dogs immediately after they die:

So if you have a dead dog lying around and he’s not in the freezer yet, we recommend you start wrapping him up in “wet bathing towels” immediately. Because people can be replaced, but a good dog is priceless.