Ruff life: There is now a luxury hotel for dogs in South Africa

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Sometimes, a puppy needs a little time away from his master to play, watch Animal Planet and even spend a relaxing day in the spa.

You can treat your puppy to such an experience at @Frits, a new “luxury” hotel for dogs in Cape Town, South Africa. “It’s a place where dogs’ dreams can come true,” the interior designer of the project told the Wall Street Journal. And it seems to be working; despite only just opening, @Frits is filled to capacity.

There are different rooms for the dogs, and the most luxurious of them — the Platinum rooms — offers flat screen TVs, a complimentary bubble baths and spa treatments with daily dental care.

If you are worried about separation anxiety from your precious pup, the hotel also allows you to monitor them through a webcam, which masters seem to do all the time. One patron, for instance, complained that the staff was too familiar with her Maltese Sir Alex, when they just called him Alex. Another got upset when her bulldog was attracting too much attention from a male suitor.

“People are not dog owners anymore,” the owner of the hotel told the Journal, “they’re pet parents.”