Chilean desert spa will make you earn your pampering


If you want to feel like you’ve earned your indulgences, a trip to Chilean desert hotel and spa, Tierra Atacama, may be in order.

Each day at the hotel in northern Chile guests are given three menus: one for nearby excursions, another for the property’s on-site restaurant and the last — and the most decadent — for spa treatments, Vogue reports,


Adventurous travelers can rough it by hiking up dunes, scaling volcanoes, crawling through salt-cave labyrinths and clambering through river gorges in brisk temps.

And for guests who want a tall order of pampering with a side of pampering, one guide explained, guests “sometimes arrive in high heels and like to be driven to mountaintops rather than scale them themselves.”


And as a reward for their efforts, hikers feast on a variety of local fare prepared by chef Francisco Valencia, including, “a delicate ice cream that tastes of maple and mochi.”

And because spending money can be exhausting, the highlight of the trip for most is the wide variety of invigorating salt scrubs and clay body masks, as well as relaxing massage and soothing facials. If you are lucky, an aesthetician will reboot your chakras with native crystals.

The all-inclusive rates for a week long stay based on double occupancy for 2016 is $4,450 excluding spa treatments.