This pimped out amphibious speedboat from Iguana Yachts is a thrill seeker’s everything

Sexy, fast, glam, luxurious, rugged and stylish — no, not James Bond. It would appear Iguana Yachts’ new highly engineered and customizable amphibious speedboats are all of these things and more.

Far be it for the rich to get their Ferragamo boat shoes soggy! And because the rich keep getting richer and their “superyachts” continue to get bigger and more luxe, yacht owners can’t just speed from ship to shore in one fell swoop in any old vessel.

Forbes reports, “It’s only logical that someone would design a boat that a select group of ‘thrillionares”’could push to over 30 knots on the water, then literally drive up the beach…and look superyacht sexy while they’re at it.”

While amphibious boats are nothing new, they are certainly getting far more refined inside and out. The latest — created by Frenchman, Antoine Brugidou, for Iguana Yachts, and being made in Normandy, France — can be used as day boats or yacht tenders.

But their real magic happens inside by its unique, proprietary technology — the “Iguana Mobility system (IMS) that’s powered by a four cylinder German engine and coupled to three hydraulic pumps. The pumps are controlled by the primary computer located at the console and use four 4 jacks to deploy the landing gear and 2 hydraulic engines (one on each side) to drive the tracks.”