Eleven Madison Park cuts courses

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Anyone looking to enjoy a 14 course tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park will need to get their tuchus over to the restaurant right away. The restaurateurs Will Guidara and Daniel Humm have decided to simplify the restaurant’s menu big time, halving the number of courses from 14 to seven. Sadly, the price has not been split in half (in fact, it’s gone up from $225 to $295 since the restaurant eliminated tipping), but apparently the courses will be bigger so that “you’re eating a dish for a while rather than just having two bites,” Humm told The New York Times.  

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In the same article, Humm and Guidara also admitted that — imagine! — sometimes people who come to the restaurant and spend obscene amounts of money on food might just like to have a little bit of say about what they are eating. The server will now come out and chat with you in the beginning of the meal to ask what dishes you are in the mood for. “It’s not about us just serving you the meal we think you should eat,” Guidara told the Times.