See inside Coco Chanel’s glorious Paris apartment: VIDEO

In honor of Chanel’s 2016 spring-summer eyewear launch (it’s like there’s a second Christmas!), The Cut sent lucky duck “fashion insider” Shiona Turini on a tour of the famed fashion designer Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment at 31 Rue Cambon above her studio.

The mirrored staircase leads up to the apartment, which –no surprise– has some beautiful pieces, like a crystal chandelier with the iconic interlocking Cs and number fives (Givenchy once dislodged a crystal on the chandelier when he was visiting the apartment, and hid the offending rock in a decorative frog’s mouth); a quilted coach with padded pillows that apparently inspired the brand’s quilted bags (it definitely inspired the sofa in Frasier Crane’s apartment); leather bound books; embellished screens and lots and lots of pretty glass.

After this, we might want Chanel’s apartment even more than we do any of her clothes.