The wealthy have won the class war that is the Hampton Jitney

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A battle has been waging on east 86th Street and — big whoop — it looks like the rich people won.

The issue at stake? Namely that the Hampton Jitney — the bus Carrie Bradshaw once described as “”like the bus to summer camp, only instead of singing songs, everyone ignores each other and talks on their cell phones” — has a new permanent spot on 86th Street. According to DNAInfo, the spot was meant to be temporary after a traffic law change prevented the bus from making a left (which meant a longer travel time), but now residents of the neighborhood can expect to deal with  “the crowds of travelers waiting with their suitcases and clogging up the street” all summer long.

Of course, this stop is on Lexington, so even though it’s Upper East Siders that are upset, they are Upper East Siders on the wrong side of the tracks. And they lost because the wealthy people with the means to escape the brutal New York summers on the Jitney don’t want to be inconvenienced for a second. God forbid.