The largest sapphire in the world can be yours for a mere $300 million

You can now purchase the largest sapphire in the world for the same price as three penthouse apartments at One57 (give or take a few hundred thousand).

A Sri Lanka jewelry merchant is the current owner of the “The Star of Adam” sapphire, and according to the AP, he has now decided to sell the rock for the generous price of $300 million. He declined to reveal his identity for fear that he might be “abducted or killed for the stone.”

Or maybe just because he’s got a lot of chutzpah. He bought the stone– which at 1,404.49 carats is the largest sapphire ever mined– for an unspecified amount of money (let’s assume it wasn’t that much) from a local gem merchant. While the merchant originally said the stone was worth $100 million, he is now saying that the gem’s fame makes it worth $300 million. So basically, it’s the Kim Kardashian of stones, worth an insane amount of money just for being pretty and famous.

The last time a blue stone went for a crazy price, it was the “Blue Moon of Josephine” diamond, which was bought by Chinese billionaire Joseph Lau. He spent $48.4 million on the stone (making it the most expensive diamond ever sold) and he gave it to his 7-year old daughter Josephine. Maybe Josephine’s future husband should consider picking up “The Star of Adam” for her because that girl’s gonna be hard to impress.