UWS “palazzo” penthouse at The Level Club back on the market for $2.9 million


Most penthouses that hit the market are a bit of a bore; some giant glass windows here, some marble countertops there. Yawn. But this penthouse, at the Level Club building on the Upper West Side, is anything but.

According to the listing, this apartment is “reminiscent of a Venetian palazzo” and is a “castle in the sky.” Based on the pink walls and ceiling and the round windows, we kind of have to agree. The apartment is currently listed for $2,995,000.



New York Times article from 2011 notes that the building was once the headquarters of a group of Freemasons that called themselves the Levelers. If you look closely, the façade of the building still features symbols that are important to the masons (like the all-seeing eye, the hourglass, the level, the hexagram and the beehive). It only operated as a club house for three years, and then went on to serve as a kosher hotel and a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Note: these images are from the 2010 listing.

Michel and Rebecca Brasseurs bought the apartment in 1997 for an enviable $431,000, and unsuccessfully tried to sell it on and off between 2007 and 2012. This is not totally surprising considering they sued the condo board at the Level Club in 2004 for “noise levels [which] exceed acceptable acoustic level from an apartment under New York law” and they won the case in 2007, making the landlord fix the air conditioning vent and elevator to make the space quieter.

So even if the decor is loud in this apartment, prospective buyers can rest easy that the building is not.