YOLO! How to blow your $1.4 billion lotto winnings in one year


Winning the powerball lottery tomorrow probably won’t happen to most people, but it may very well happen to one person. Sadly, winners of the lottery are notorious for losing all the money and going bankrupt soon afterward. This mainly because they spend all their money on rather — ahem– stupid things and don’t invest any of it.

If you happen to be one of those reckless people who are living life to the max, see below for our comprehensive list of stuff you can actually spend your entire $1.4 billion on — in one year.

May you have the best year of your life.

What Taxes in New York City
Price $683,340,000
Why Because life isn’t fun sometimes.



What 12-16 East 62nd Street
Price $120,000,000
Why Because why would you only want one townhouse when you could own three?


What Rolls Royce 2016 Phantom
Price $420,325
Why Because nothing says class better than a car that costs as much as a house.


What Chris Hughes’s stake in The New Republic
Price $20,000,000
Why Because you can’t just have money, you also need influence.


What A 2013 Hermès Birkin Bag with white gold and diamond hardware
Price $180,000
Why Because handbags are the new art.


What A 22-pound tin of caviar from Petrossian
Price $125,000
Why So you can take a bath in it!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.00.03 AM

What Lighthouse Cay island in the Bahamas.
Price $33,300,000
Why Because no man is an island except a billionaire.


What A trip to space
Price $75,000 (note: you wouldn’t be charged the full amount yet because they aren’t sending people up yet; any day now).
Why Because it’s the final frontier and that’s where you need to be.


What Four Seasons vacation around the world
Price $120,000
Why Who wouldn’t want to play “spectacularly expensive hopscotch”?

What The Playboy Mansion
Price $200,000,000
Why Because how else will people know you’re not only rich, but cultured?


What Bell 525 Relentless Helicopter Price $15,000,000 Why Because you don’t want to just jet off to the Hamptons–you want to do it in style.   GettyImages-494368334

What Ultimate VIP Dressing Room tickets for Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato’s concert (this does not include tickets to the actual show).
Price $10,000
Why Because you’re a super fan.


What One Gold of Kinabalu orchid
Price $5,000
Why Because nothing says you’re a rich jerk better than owning an endangered flower.


What Clone your dead dog
Price $100,000
Why Because what’s the point of being rich if you can’t have Fido back!


What A Red Tibetan Mastiff (i.e. the most expensive dog in the world)
Price $2,000,000
Why Because Fido can’t just be friends with any old dog.

20235a1_lg What Tom Brady’s old underwear Price $2,500 Why Because helloooo deflategate. 1452238360282 What A dime Price $2,000,000 (yes, really) Why Because it’s the only change worth touching.

What Dinner at Sublimotion
Price $2,171
Why Because it is the “merger of haute cuisine gastronomy and the most breakthrough technology with an unprecedented staging, becoming thus a new stagecraft.”


What One at the Palm Jumeirah (the most expensive listing in Dubai)
Price $54,000,000
Why Because it would be fun to own the most expensive listings in the most expensive places.


What Le Palais Royal in Hillsboro Beach, Florida
Price $159,000,000
Why Because speaking of ridiculous properties in the most expensive places…


What Personal chef
Price $100,000 (for a good one)
Why Because you can’t be expected to make your own food!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.08.51 PM

What 1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica
Price $3,583,701
Why Because you need to go faster than other people and you need to do it in style

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.12.04 PM

What Orazio Gentileschi’s “Danaë”
Price $35,000,000
Why Because you need at least one piece of super expensive art to hang in all your houses.


What Pedicure at the The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong
Price $2,325
Why Because you’re so rich you don’t need to buy shoes.


What Facial injections
Price $17,458
Why Because the point of being rich is that you can look better than other people.


What A Fendi sable coat
Price $1,086,350
Why Because what if it’s cold?

What A Quantum computer
Price $10,550,192
Why Because you don’t just need to know everything, you need to know it faster than other people.

What Membership to EZIA Athletic Club on Nantucket
Price $120,0000
Why Because you need to be fit and you need to do it in style.


What A bottle of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee Conti 2011
Price $12,000
Why Because what else are you supposed to drink?


What Guaranteed admission to Harvard for two kids (plus the price of thirteen years of private school)
Price $6,410,000
Why Because little Tootsy is not going to have any money left to fall back on.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.45.38 PM

What An Emerald-Cut Diamond
Price $22,090,000
Why Because what better way to say “I love you.”


What A wedding at the Plaza
Price $375,000
Why Because that ring deserves a big party.


What A housekeeper
Price $28,000
Why Because you’re not cleaning up after yourself.

1940 --- Charles Ruggles as George, the butler, in the 1940 motion picture . --- Image by © Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS
1940 — Charles Ruggles as George, the butler, in the 1940 motion picture . — Image by © Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS

What A butler
Price $50,000
Why Because you’re not opening your own door.


What A Steinway grand piano
Price $900,000
Why Because you want to reenact “The Phantom of the Opera.”

TOTAL: $1,400,000,022 

(Hopefully, you have a spare $22 on you right now).