You can buy Winston Churchill’s yacht for $2.1M — but only if you “honor its dignity”


You may be an Arab prince, but that doesn’t mean you can own Winston Churchill’s old yacht.

The current owner of the yacht — a mysterious person known as “Marielle”– is looking to sell the boat, called “The Amazon,” but not to just anyone. Forbes reports that she “would prefer he or she be a collector, a history aficionado or a movie producer who will ‘honor its dignity.'” Hence, she turned down an Arab Prince “because she didn’t agree with his plans for it.” We bet LLNYC cover star and Churchill’s granddaughter, Edwina Sandys, would approve.

Somewhat unusually for a yacht like this, the boat is being sold by the brokerage firm, Coldwell Banker France, which typically handles the sales of châteaux and villas. Marielle bought it in 2005 from a “luxury gangster” and is selling it for 2 million euros ($2,177,070) because she can no longer afford to keep it up.

The yacht was built in 1936 and has enough space for 60 people, who can all enjoy themselves at the bar where Churchill once presumably drank scotch and smoked his famous cigars.