Sotheby’s new video brings a $30 million painting to life

Aren’t sure whether you want to invest in Orazio Gentileschi’s “Danaë” painting? Maybe this video will convince you to take the plunge.

Directed by Pamela Romanowsky (who also directed “The Adderall Diaries”), the video was commissioned by Sotheby’s to bring to life the myth of Danaë and hopefully spark some interest in the painting, which will go on sale at the “Master Paintings” sale on January 28. It is estimated to sell between $25,000,000 — $35,000,000.


Like all myths, the story of Danaë that this painting tells is pretty weird. Her father, King Acrisius, found out from an oracle that he was destined to be killed by Danaë’s son, so — naturally– he locked Danaë in a bronze chamber underneath his palace. Unfortunately for him, Zeus wanted her and disguised himself as a golden rain so that he could impregnate her. She gave birth to Perseus, who later killed the Medusa as well as — you guessed it! — King Acrisius.

So yeah, a strange story. But this video is a pretty beautiful regardless.