You can now worship (your shoes?) at this new church in Taiwan

Remember that episode of “Sex and the City” when Carrie went to church? We suspect that this church might tempt her to go again.

Designed to resemble a giant Cinderella glass slipper, this church (no denomination has been specified) was specifically intended to bring more women in to worship, according to the International Business Times citing the local news site Located in the east coast of Taiwan, the church is 55 feet tall and 36 feet wide and made from 322 pieces of blue glass. It is slated to open before Chinese New Year on February 8th, but tourists are already flocking there to take pictures (because wouldn’t you?).

In addition to its high heel-like appearance, it apparently has “100 female-orientated features,” including “biscuits and cakes and a lovers’ chair for couples to take wedding photos together.” That is what the females like!

The only flaw in this great plan is that glass slippers are notoriously uncomfortable and so we aren’t sure any woman would want to step foot (hehe) in this place. They should have asked Manolo Blahnik to design it.