The W Downtown wants you to “Live Like a BO$$”


The W New York Downtown is offering one of the most spectacular deals in town. But we aren’t sure which is more outrageous, the offer itself or its name.

Called, “Live Like a BO$$,” the hotel is offering an entire floor of the hotel for a weekend presumably to a group of deep-pocket party animals. Every weekend in February (excluding Valentine’s Day weekend), the hotel will turn over the keys to all the rooms on one floor for two nights at a cost of $6,000, plus tax, according to Town and Country. What a deal!

But we can’t help feeling sorry for the downstairs guests who will almost certainly be subjected to the antics of some serious party people.

who3154ex.133840_ubAnd the bad names don’t stop at “Bo$$,” the hotel refers to the floor’s 35 “Cool Rooms,” which are apparently just the normal hotel bedrooms.

This lowbrow branding seems almost perfectly designed to attract the lowest common denominator of entitled rich kids, something that it seems the W is well aware of.


The terms of the “Live Like a BO$$” offer stipulate that “excessive noise may result in eviction without compensation” and “damage fees will apply if damages occur in the room.” Also, “any unlawful or illegal behavior is prohibited and may result in eviction or legal action against the parties involved.”

Surely, nothing like that would ever happen.