Society spot Swifty’s closes abruptly, meatloaf now in short supply


Longtime Upper East Side society haunt, Swifty’s, made a French exit yesterday, closing its doors for good after the last dinner walked off into the night. It seems that hardly anyone knew it was the restaurant’s finale, including those dining that night. Where will Upper East Side millionaires go for liver and onions or meatloaf, now?

“It was very busy with a lot of the regulars from the neighborhoods surrounding. I saw Enid Nemy, Jeanne and Herb Siegel, Mark Gilbertson, Aerin Lauder with Michael Kors and a handsome friend; Tommy Quick, up from PB was dining with Serena Boardman and Todd Meister and friends, Anthony Haden-Guest with Christina Zilkha, and many others whom I either didn’t know or didn’t see,” New York Social Diary writes.

No one seems to know why Swifty’s shut down so abruptly or whether it’s popular catering business will continue. Obviously, business wasn’t good.

 Ike Ude, Jean Shafiroff and Robert Caravaggi at Swifty's
Ike Ude, Jean Shafiroff and Robert Caravaggi at Swifty’s

The restaurant was opened in 1999 by Robert Caravaggi and Stephen Attoe. Swifty’s was in many ways the heir to Mortimer’s, preserving pieces of its menu.

Legendary gossip columnist Liz Smith was behind the annual “Fete de Swifty, ” a cocktail party fundraiser to the Mayor’s Fund on 73rd Street between Lexington and Third Avenues.

“If you don’t own a house in the Hamptons, you probably won’t feel at home at this UES ‘neighborhood club’ where the elite meet for meatloaf and other flatline American standards; outsiders are exiled to the front of the restaurant, but the choicest social x-ray people-watching is in the back room,” one Zagat review reads.