Tesla now offering car the vegan elite can sink their teeth into

While some dream of having their six-figure car smell of money or at least cowhide, electric-car manufacturer, Tesla has decided to give their vegan buyers some love.

With the trend of the rich forgoing a carnivorous lifestyle in favor of an eco-conscious and vegan one, Tesla will now offer synthetic leather called “Ultra White” in its new Model X sport utility vehicle. A touch above the cloth option (because who wants to forgo style?) and one that is animal-friendly, Tesla’s offering is on par with other luxury car makers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Ferrari who have also introduced faux leather seating, reports the New York Times 

“All the car companies want sustainability cred,” said Jack Nerad, executive editorial director at Kelley Blue Book.

There has been a real push lately from the vegan elite, not to mention environmental advocacy groups, for car makers — particularly those known for their eco-friendly make-up — to do away with leather interiors. They even have pointed out Nikola Tesla, the inventor for whom the car is named, was a vegetarian.

And while the new faux leather option is certainly a step in the right direction for fashionista animal-lovers and environmental activists, they are still pushing further for more changes.

Because biofuels aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions are sometimes derived from animal products, vegans look forward to a day when cars can run sans liquid fuels entirely.

Vegan pro-racecar driver and environmental advocate Leilani Münter, explains the rationale. “I don’t like burning fuel,” she said. “Eventually, it’s just not going to be a byproduct they’re trying to use because hopefully there won’t be this huge industry that’s slaughtering billions of animals every year.”