Harrow’s $500k skull chair will help you in your quest for world domination



Ever want to know what it feels to literally sit on a half million dollars? Far better than stuffing that type of loot under your mattress, this gold-plated chair handmade by Harrow may just be the perfect nest egg.

Featured in Elle Decor, this creative seating may be ideal in both form and function. It is strictly business in the front — stylish mid-century-inspired black velvet seating with intricately carved legs — but full-on party in the back — a highly detailed skull made of 24-carat gold plating. And no surprise, this party does not come cheap, costing a whopping $500,000.

skullor03N skullor04N

Harrow boasts it is part of their collection of “Artistic Furniture Built for Comfort & World Domination.”

And if one is fun, two may be even better, why not get a pair? It also comes in jet black.


#MyFirstBillion indeed