Never-before-seen Warhols will be displayed at the Morgan Library & Museum

Warhol’s “In the Bottom of My Garden”

Andy Warhol is known for a lot of things — Pop art, drugs, weird hair and very strange (and very boring) movies. But one thing he isn’t typically known for is books.

Yet, in the early years of his career in the 1950s, he did produce book covers and illustrations, and they are the focus of an upcoming exhibit at the Morgan Library & Museum. “Warhol by the Book” will “present nearly all of his projects for books—from his early student days through his years as an influential artist and cultural icon.”

The prolific artist published nearly 80 book projects and produced even more than that which never went to print. These never-before-seen drawings and archival materials will be on display at the museum, along with more famous ones he made during his Pop artist days.

The exhibit opens to the public on February 5 and runs through May 15. If you’re interested in learning more about it, the museum is also running a discussion with Warhol scholars on February 5th.