Gold and Rolls-Royce are the wine and cheese of transportation

Nothing pairs quite so well as wine and cheese. But for a far less subtle flavor combination, consider this limited-production Rolls-Royce Wraith that is covered in .999 pure gold.

The German tuner and style shop Mansory is responsible for the tricked out Palm Edition 999 – a customized Rolls.

Mansory gave the Wraith a two-tone paint job, LED lights22-inch alloy wheels, and replaced the Wraith’s R-R emblems with Mansory badges plated in .999 pure gold, according to the BBC.

Mansory also updated the luxury ride’s fundamentals, giving it a carbon fiber aero kit, an engine upgrade and lip spoilers on the roof and decklid. The redesign can jumps from 624 horsepower to 730, which allows it to zoom form zero-to-62mph in 4.6 to 4.4 seconds. It’s top speed: 186mph.

But the real highlight is that Mansory says that upon request, any and all metallic parts, inside or out, can be covered in gold. Mansory plans to build a nine examples of the Palm Edition 999 and pricing has not been revealed. But I think we have some idea…