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Moon Juice and Eleven Madison Park: “At home” around the world this week

1) You would be forgiven for mistaking this guy’s Brooklyn apartment for a Restoration Hardware catalog.

2) Architectural Digest is making the bold claim that this Upper East Side apartment is different than other Upper East Side apartments. We don’t see much difference, but it’s pretty.

3) Who knew the lady who invented Moon Juice would have such a nice house?

4) Silicon Valley’s “favorite interior designer” shows off her home and it certainly seems like the right setting for hoodies and flip flops.

5) Will Guidara, owner of Eleven Madison Park, shows off his Nomad kitchen where he cooks dishes that are probably not as good as his restaurant’s.

6) This Marais apartment is everything you ever dreamed a Paris apartment could be.

7) Indeed, it’s so nice, that this California home is a very close replica.

8) Who knew people had vacation homes in the desert? At any rate, this is what one looks like.