“This is Not a Luxury Whisky” is in fact a luxury whisky

This-is-not-a-luxury-Whisky_pack-shot-1200x1800It’s natural for whisk(e)y lovers to raise an eyebrow at claims that a spirit is “craft” or “small batch.” We’ve been hurt too many times. But we can assure you that Compass Box hasn’t been anywhere near Lawrenceburg, Indiana – where a horrifying amount of American whiskey is distilled.

John Glaser
John Glaser

Founded 15 years ago by John Glaser out of a London apartment, Compass Box has released its latest bottling, inspired by a surrealist painter.

Called “This is Not a Luxury Whisky” after Rene Magritte’s painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe,” Glaser’s latest whisky is most certainly priced like a luxury item. Despite its $225 per bottle pricetag, Glaser told Forbes that he hopes his whisky is consumed not collected like the art it makes reference too.

“There are now ‘real people’ behind many of the most significant spirits brands, and that is a huge change from 15 years ago,” Glaser said. “The spirits industry is fragmenting with all the new businesses and new brands and the renewed interest in the last 15 years.”

Here is look at how this supposedly unpretentious whisky is blended:

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