Queen Elizabeth is shaking things up in the bedroom


Until this point, we always considered Queen Elizabeth to be an old-fashioned lady who respected tradition. Not so. Reports are now suggesting that the Queen actually has the chutzpah to start replacing eiderdown comforters in all of the guest rooms of Windsor Castle with, gasp, modern duvets!

Believe it or not, this is actually a controversial decision among the staff. “They’ll be putting chocolates on the pillows next,” one sniffed to the Daily Mail. Heaven forbid.


In case you were wondering what in Kate Middleton’s name is the difference between a duvet and an eiderdown, the Mail provides these helpful definitions:

“Eiderdowns are traditional flat quilts filled with down (normally from the eider duck) that are layered with sheets, bedspreads and blankets, allowing the user to shed or add more covering as suits.” Whereas a duvet “is soft flat bag thickly filled with feathers, wool or synthetic fibres. Duvets come in different thicknesses and are designed to be used on their own.” 

Still don’t get it? Perhaps this image will help you understand:

A comforter (left) and a modern duvet.
A comforter (left) and a modern duvet.

Apparently one major difference is that it’s much easier to make a bed with a duvet on it, so you would think that the Queen’s mandate would be a popular choice among the staff. Nope! According to the same source with the chocolate comment,

“It’s quite time consuming to make the beds up in this way but that’s why it is liked so much. It shows a certain attention to detail that people don’t tend to have nowadays but that the Royal Household prides itself on.”

That is a dude who seriously needs a new hobby.