For $2M you can buy an empty room

Two million dollars for an apartment is old news, but $2 million for a white room? That’s a new one.

The 76-year-old artist Doug Wheeler has a new exhibit coming to the David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea on Saturday. While the exhibition, “Encasements,” will focus on Wheeler’s more material work (glowing, mounted, squares) the artist is possibly most well known for his “Infinity Rooms,” which are empty rooms with white floors, white walls and – you guessed it – white ceilings.

“Light pours in from some hidden source,” Bloomberg describes, “You’d think you were in heaven—were it not for other humans shuffling around in special booties that everyone has to put on before entering, to keep things spotless.”

If you’re interested in collecting Wheeler’s work — and by collecting we mean you have a spare room you’re cool with turning into an installation — it will cost you between $750,000 – $2 million. Kristine Bell, senior partner at David Zwirner told Bloomberg,

“People have been asking us: ‘How do I live with a Doug Wheeler?’” Going on to say, quite philosophically, “How to collect nothing?” That’s some deep thinking right there, but perhaps interested collectors should ask David Zwirner, the art dealer and gallery owner; he just installed a Wheeler Infinity Room inside his East Village townhouse and he’s hosting a private reception for the artist there this Saturday. Just make sure you don’t make any marks on the walls.

  • David

    Im sure someone will start a boycott on this for being a white room.