You can now tour Buckingham Palace without leaving your couch


The future it here! Second only to full-on astral projection, Google’s cardboard virtual reality headset allows viewers to virtually tour up to 150 sites around the globe without leaving their couch.

Their latest project is Buckingham Palace, which they chose after schoolchildren voted it their most desired place to visit. Vogue reports the royal tour allows viewers to saunter through “seven staterooms, including the Green Drawing Room and the Picture Gallery, with accompanying commentary from the queen’s Master of the Household and Curator of Paintings.” In true voyeuristic fashion, it also features the White Drawing Room and its secret door leading to the queen’s private apartments.

The series is part of Google Expeditions Pioneer Program, which was created to allow teachers to facilitate students’ virtual globetrotting. All you have to do is download 3-D videos on your smartphone and watch via the $20 cardboard head set.

Other sites you can visit include Yosemite, Mt. Fuji, and the Great Barrier Reef.