Yoga enthusiasts go topless in Los Angeles for a cause

The continued popularity of yoga is old news, but now on the heels of the #FreetheNipple movement, comes yoga with a twist. Astroetic Studios in Los Angeles has introduced a co-ed topless yoga class complete with enough ambiance to seduce yourself into thinking this isn’t weird at all — candlelight, restorative motions and a sound bath.

The brainchild of Danielle Dorsey and Astroetic Studios founder Jonathan Haloossim, Free the Nipple Yoga is not just about gratuitous nudity. Dorsey explains its purpose is gender equality and body positivity and to “dismantle the patriarchy – one asana at a time!”

Aside from becoming limber and obtaining a positive body image, the Observer reports another plus , “With the popularity of elevated athleisure outfits, it certainly takes the stress out of choosing the perfect pair of leggings.”

Classes lead by instructor Llyn Stransky, will be offered weekly at Astroetic Studios, a multipurpose loft in Downtown LA’s Fashion District with seven-story views, for $20 per class.

While bottoms are a must, no shoes, no shirt, no problem.