At home with Derek Zoolander

Clad in a velvet Napoleon jacket, Ben Stiller, in character as international supermodel Derek Zoolander, is filmed showing off his luxe pad for Vogue’s “73 Questions.” The tour also features cameos by celebs throughout such as such as Zoe Kravitz, artist Shepherd Fairey and supermodel Erin Heatherton.

As the magazine reporter follows the comedic icon through his winter home (he summers upstairs) — which seems more mega-gym than mansion — he peppers Zoolander with questions in rapid-fire secession and he hurls back a string of witty retorts just as quickly without missing a beat.

When asked for the best reason to live in New York City, Zoolander replies, “the diversity” because there are “good looking people and really attractive people.”

And when asked how he feels about Brooklyn, he fires back with a zing: “I really hope they find a cure.”

Another New York City shout-out comes when he is asked his favorite country, to which he replies, “Tribeca.”