Party like Paris with a home nightclub

Amazing night playing at @TrystNightclub. Such a beautiful venue! Loves it ???

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It would appear we’ve surpassed the era when a home cinema, bar or gym was enough. For those rich in money and square-footage the latest luxurious trend is a dance floor, stage, sound system, laser lights and disco ball. We’re in the age of the home club.

Rick Wilson and his wife Stephanie turned the basement of their 11,000-square-foot Prospect, Ky. home into, “a sports club-nightclub-entertainment area,” Wilson told the Wall Street Journal. The $500,000 renovation included the installation of a 10,000 watt P.A. system, a stage, stage lights, tables, seating and a 20-foot long bar.

Perhaps they got the idea from Paris Hilton who may be the owner of one of the most well known home nightclubs, the one in her Beverly Hills home.

“It used to be a children’s playroom before I made it in to the ultimate adult playroom. I wanted it to look like a club in Paris,” Hilton explained to the Wall Street Journal. We’re not sure how many Parisian clubs are decked out solely in black and gold with photos of Paris Hilton all over the place, but hey, her house her rules.

The Wall Street Journal estimate that renovation also cost around $500,000.

So while for that lucky few at-home clubs seem to be de rigueur, the rest of us can continue to dream of the day when our homes include such luxurious amenities like a washer and dryer.

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