Land Rover is now offering the “most luxurious road trip on Earth”


Break out the nachos! Land Rover just announced the launch of an adventure tour they are calling the “most luxurious road trip on Earth.”

What makes this luxury? Well for one thing the price, which Luxury Daily is reporting costs $143,350 per person. For that astronomical sum, you get to ride around in the Range Rovers’ new vehicle, the SVAutobiography (yes, you have to do the driving), for 21 days in eight countries over five continents. The trip was organized by the luxury travel agency Abercrombie & Kent, and among the sites you visit are Nice, Lake Como, Marrakech, the Grand Canyon, the Alamo Observatory in Chile, the Sydney Bridge climb, as well as perfume-making classes in the “lavender scented hills of Provence” and “picnicking in the peaks of the Alps.” You also get to take the car off-roading, which is fun if you’re into acting out car commercials.

The SVAutobiography

Of course, the most important aspect of any road trip is obviously the playlist. Land Rover does not specify what “luxury” music sounds like, so we assume this means you have free reign to play your Britney Spears as loudly and as proudly as you like.